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Australia has always been known as the “sunny” country, the beaches are usually adorned with bodies soaking up the sun’s rays throughout the year. Unfortunately the sun has attracted negative attention due to its affect on rising skin cancer rates, but, here at Carbon Solar we like to look at the positive side of using the sun’s rays and offer a different “soaking up” solution that will not leave you feeling blistered, burned and potentially in danger.

By harnessing the sun’s rays through solar powered systems you can ensure electrical power to your whole home, save money and save the Earth all at the same time. Below are short and concise informative facts about everything you need to know on solar energy and solar powered systems needed to support your home and pocket.

We offer an easy four-step process to installing a solar panel on your roof by our certified and licensed electricians.

1) Inspection

Before any work can be undertaken our installers do a site inspection to pinpoint the correct positioning to optimise the best energy output from the solar panels. Ideally, solar panels are fitted facing a northern direction. Any potential hazards are identified; solutions and safety precautions are emplaced to ensure the safety of the installers and the house itself.

2) Prefixing The Solar Panels

Brackets and a racking need to be fixed to the roof before the photovoltaic cells or solar panels can be fitted.

3) Mounting The Panels

The panels are attached to the racking with extruded aluminium clamps and are connected together with cables that are fitted off into a DC isolator.

4) Connecting The Solar Panels To The House

The solar panels are linked to an inverter that converts the DC voltage into an AC voltage which is connected to the grid and this gives you free energy directly from the sun.

Enjoying The New View

Our work will leave you with guaranteed satisfaction, a bright sunny smile and huge savings in your wallet. We always delight in hearing from our customers so please Contact Us to leave your testimonials and recommendations.